Venus – Water heater





Water Heater

Brand: Venus
Size: 3lit,6lit,10lit,15lit,25lit.

Porcelain enamel glass lined tank manufactured in a modern, automated plant using European technology, protects the tank from rust and corrosion
Glass lined incoloy 800 element: Withstands temperature upto 1000 degree celsius
Glass lined ceramic heating element: Shock proof and hard waterproof
Smart mode: Reduced scaling and saves power greater than 50 percent
8 bars pressure: Suitable for pressure pumps and multi storage buildings
3 power saving modes to reduce power
Automatic power cut off to ensure power savings
Power meter to show actual power consumption
Warranty: 7 years on tank and 2 years on product and 3 years on heating element
Power: 3000 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts
Includes: Water Heater, Wall Plate, 3 number ancor screw, 3 number plastic sleeve, User Manual and Guarantee Card

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